My name is Taylor Powers, and I am Adventurmiss. When I was 8 years old, hiking with my mom, sister and cousin, I saw a more rigorous and steep trail that led to the beach. I obviously wanted to explore and go down it, but my (older) cousin started crying because she was scared. My mom explained that we couldn’t go down it because it was too dangerous. I was offended. I jumped up on the tallest rock and stomped my foot and yelled “I’m an adventurous woman!” That story will never be lived down in my family, so I stay true to those words.

A childhood of camping, hiking, and exploring Northern California led me to college in Colorado and inevitably falling in love with snowboarding. After 5 years of snowboarding 40 days a season and camping as much as possible, I decided to move to Salt Lake city where I could do even more of both because of the accessibility, the lack of crowds, and that massive amounts of snow.

This winter my plan is to travel to a different ski resort every other weekend with my boyfriend and camp in his truck where he built a real bed in the bed… there will be many pictures flowing on my instagram. After Salt Lake City, I plan to move to Alaska in about 2-3 years.

I consider myself a glamper, as I like to have many comforts of home with me: Coffee is my number 1, a camp kitchen with all of the necessary components of my at home kitchen, slippers, wine and wine “glasses”, and my yoga mat 🙂 I also am quite the chef, and get really inspired when cooking outdoors… doesn’t food just taste better when cooking outdoors? Deep dish dutch oven pizza, pad thai (peanut butter, soy sauce and sunflower seeds), skillet fried brownies, calzones, mmmm I’m getting hungry.

I have learned many things from Mother Nature; she has taught me respect, assured my faith in God, and most importantly, patience. Hiking through a vast valley or in the peaks of mountains, seeing the circle of life and the need for all kind to make this world work is something that can only be realized in the great outdoors.  I’d like to think I have passed on some of my knowledge to the people that surround me: my family, friends, co-workers. Though I think this lesson can only truly be learned from oneself, I think my outlook on life and understanding of the world reflects my beliefs and hopefully inspires others to treat each other with kindness and respect. Evil’s most powerful weapon is revenge. Sorry to get all serious… I’m Taylor and I like turtles.

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