It is my dream to travel around the world creating content for this brand and make it sustainable to live off of. If I gain enough traffic on the blog, I can become an affiliate for multiple companies allowing me to take a percentage of any sales I make. I can offer advertising on the website and my social media platforms and even be a brand ambassador for those I align with and support. Once sustainable, I can do this full time, all while traveling first around the country, followed by the world.

If you want to help me achieve my dreams, here are a few things you can do:

  1. SHARE! Share this page, share any other page, share my social media pages, share anything with those you think would find value or inspiration from my content. Word of mouth is the biggest marketing tool there is.
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  3. Purchase. When I review products or places, when you purchase through the link I provide, I will make a percentage of your sale! 🙂


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